2019-feb-20 v.2.9

  • Fixed working with USB LTE modems


2018-jun-19 v.2.8

  • Fixed minor bugs.


2018-feb-06 v.2.7

  • Fasttrack is disabled by default..


2018-jan-22 v.2.6

  • Fixed CheckGateway script for ppoe connection.


2017-dec-25 v.2.5

  • Added compatibility with ROS v6.41 . Please update to the latest version of ROS.


2017-jun-20 v.2.4

  • Fixed: port assignments for CRS.


2017-jun-04 v.2.3

  • Fixed: now correctly calculates the ip address and mask of the local network, not only for /24.


2017-may-13 v.2.2

  • Fixed: ip/gw for static LTE USB modem.


2017-mar-29 v.2.1

  • Added 5ghz WiFi support.


2017-mar-10 v.2.0

  • Now use Recursive routing (for dhcp & pppoe ISP use script CheckGateway).
  • Removed "Headquarters VPN".
  • Added static ip address for LTE USB modem. Recommend to use instead of the LTE DHCP.
  • Now in the rsc file name, use the name of the configuration.


2016-dec-26 v.1.4

  • Added support USB modems for ISP1.
  • Fixed minor bugs.


2016-nov-29 v.1.3

  • Fixit error with MAC Server.
  • Added field "Custom code" to add to the configuration your code. For version extended configuration.


2016-nov-17 v.1.2

  • Fixit isp1 definition (error "2isp: isp1 interface not found")
  • Fixit pptp for ISP2.
  • Removed "Modem state" as not used. The modem is always on.
  • Fixit HQ password.


2016-nov-08 v.1.1

  • Changed code works with ethernet ports to support multiswitch routers.