MikroTik: import configuration using Winbox

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Once you have created a configuration and saved it on your computer, you need to upload it to the router.

There are several ways to download the configuration. Consider using Winbox utility. This option is a bit more complicated than using the web interface Webfig, but more informative because you can see the result of the load setup script.

  1. For a start you need to download the winbox utility. You can do it from the MikroTik website at the link http://www.mikrotik.com/download/winbox.exe

  2. Connect computer router cable. On the router cable must connect to port 2.
    When using USB modem connect it.
    Preparation of Mikrotik router to configure
    Turn the router into a power outlet and wait a couple of minutes until it loads.

  3. Run winbox utility, and in the bottom of the window, click the Neighbors tab. In the list that appears you should see your router. 
    the list of routers in winbox
    Select MAC address and press Connect.

    If the router is not in the list - reset the router, to the factory default configuration. Detailed instructions, look on the manufacturer's website.

  4. When you first log on, if the router with the factory configuration, it will pop up a message box. Just click OK
    The message about the factory configuration

  5. Open Windows Explorer and copy the previously created configuration file into the buffer. It copied the file and not its contents.
  6. In Winbox open Files menu and press the button Paste to paste a file from clipboard
    Copy the configuration file to the router

    If the configuration file is copied, it will appear in the list
    list of files

  7. Open menu System-Reset Configuration.
    Put a checkmark in the No Default Configuration and click Reset Configuration.
    Reset configuration Mikrotik

  8. The system asks you to confirm - click Ok.
    The confirm reset configuration Mikrotik

  9. Wait a few minutes until the router reboots and click Reconect.
    Mikrotik reboot

  10. Re-connect to the router through winbox menu launch the New Terminal.
    In the terminal window write the name of the import configuration script and press Enter.
    Only see the text "Script file loaded and executed successfully" ensures that the script is loaded completely. 
    mikrotik import the configuration file

    If after you import a configuration winbox was disconnected, this is normal, just re-connect. If it occurred before you see the text "Script file loaded and executed successfully", then it is possible that the configuration is loaded not completely and must be re-reset the configuration and try to import her.

  11. Then through the menu System-Reboot reboot the router.
    Confirm to reboot

    After reboot the router is ready for operation.
And don't forget to set a password on the router !